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Flooding hits Des Moines
Updated On: Aug 12, 2010
Jeff Wall of Teamsters Local 90 on the job.


This week has been a difficult week for residents in the City of Des Moines and the surrounding areas. Torrential rains have caused peaceful creeks to become raging rivers. Unfortunately death and destruction are at the center of this type of flooding wherever it hits in our state, country, or world and this has been no exception to the rule. 
It is in times like this that normal everyday Teamsters and other Union members risk their lives to do the jobs that keep all of us safer and help to prevent as much property damage as possible. As Four Mile Creek went from being a peaceful creek to a torrent of water that set record highs this week, we found Teamsters at work in the thick of the action. 
As water rises, it washes away trees and other debris which lodge against our bridges and work to become dams if not removed. With millions of gallons of flood water rushing under the bridge, it falls upon Teamsters and Operators to work together to remove this debris before it gets out of control.  Teamwork is key to this operation as the claw operator cannot see over the bridge so he relies on his spotters to tell him where to put the claw. 

Our thoughts and thanks go out to all of our public members out there with the City of Des Moines as well as the Teamsters with the Sherriffs office and many local law enforcement agencies who do such critical work at this difficult time. 


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